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You can now buy SMS online and pay with your debit/credit card and get credited instantly

Schedule and Send Later

Schedule messages for later delivery. Set up multiple schedules at a time and let out system do the rest.

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Send messages to unlimited number of recipients. You are only limited by your available credit units.

Why Bulk SMS Service?

Today's competitive world demands to communicate instantaneously with your present and prospective customers in a manner that is cheaper and reliable. Bulk SMS Service meets this need by enabling users to reach thousands of mobile handsets within few seconds in one shot.

If you are new to sending sms in bulk, our bulk sms service is the best option to start and experience the results first hand. If you are already using bulk sms solutions then experience the quality of services offered by us. In any case try our FREE  credits demo account now.

Using our online facility makes your work a lot easier. You DO NOT need to use the traditional, old fashioned, outdated, and inefficient method to connect any hardware nor do you need to connect a mobile phone to your computer to send messages. An Internet connection with internet browser is sufficient to send messages in bulk instantly.

We provide very reliable bulk SMS gateways for integration into software, online portals, and other applications. Our bulk sms solution filters Do Not Disturb (NDNC filter - National Do Not Call Registry) numbers before sending promotional messages. Messages deliver to all mobile numbers in case of informational sms.

Our bulk sms and voice calls solutions are specially designed to take care of enterprises' unique business needs. We have specific SMS routes for informational messages and promotional campaigns.

Wizcraftsms.com have been serving thousands of small & medium enterprises in Nigeria. We enable entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations to communicate efficiently & effectively with their existing and potential clients.


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The Hospital Management System is very easy to use and its based on core PHP. comments are inserted into the source code for better understanding. Optimized codes are being used and is easy to understand.

Modules and its features:

  • Managing Doctors: Admin can add new listings of doctors through that panel. And list can be modify and delete.
  • Managing patients: manage patient records and all the features such as adding, modifying, booking appointment, prescribing, lab test and bill payment can be done on the system.
  • Appointments: appointments can be managed through preferred doctor and patient in the application.
  • And so..so much more

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